Monday, July 8, 2013


I've created a blog.

This is it.

Hello, and welcome!

Though, I'm not quite sure why I've created it... but, alas!  Here it is, anyway.

The title may feel familiar to Southern California natives--to anyone who's visited Disneyland and braved the waters of The Jungle Cruise.  It's one of their staple jokes, and truth be told, one of my favorite.

The boat takes you under a waterfall, and the tour guide, just as you're about to pass under remarks that you're going to see something you don't see every day: The back side of water!  For children or adults of a gullible nature, they may well be drawn into the hype before the reveal-- expecting to see something amazing, incredible, awe-inspiring.  Only to be met with the disappointment of the Back Side of Water.

That's always been my favorite part though, and no matter how many times I go on the Jungle Cruise, it still makes me genuinely laugh nearly every time.

Anyway.  The back side of water is something mundane, but extraordinary--its back is no different than its front. at least not that we can discern.

So.  For now, I have titled this blog after the Back Side of Water joke-- because it doesn't really have a purpose, and anyone who gets hyped up for this blog will likely be disappointed or (perhaps worse) regaled with stories of my uneventful life.

Now, I must confess something: The Jungle Cruise Tour Guide is secretly my dream job.  And I have a master's in English. don't tell anyone, but I love cheesy jokes and the caricature of it all.  I once made the obligatory 'As long as no one cried over it,' when I happened upon a kind gentleman in a grocery check out line that warned me against slipping on the 'spilt milk.'  Yep, I'm that girl.

Anyway, this is a blog--and I have created it.  And that's about as far as I've gotten with the plan so far.


  1. "As long as no one cried over it" OH THAT'S GOLD. If I weren't sitting in the computer lab in a public area, I'd be dying of laughter right now...

    1. XD - Glad I'm not the only one... ;)