Cash's Corner

Hi, I'm Cash!

I'm approximately 10 years old, though I'm not really sure how old I actually am, since I'm adopted.  I'm not really sure what kind of dog I am, either, but someday I hope to find out. My mom did a DNA test on me! It turns out I have a *lot* of poodle in me (miniature and standard), but also some Chihuahua, and a little bit of Papillon thrown in, too.

 This is what I looked like when my old stupid owners dropped me off at the West Los Angeles Animal shelter.  I was dropped off there in October of 2011, and after a couple of procedures I was taken to a store front in the West Side Pavilion.  Luckily for me, my momma likes to shop, and one day she was there buying a Christmas present for my grandma, and stopped in.  They'd trimmed me up a little, and I made sad eyes at her--when the attendants took me out of the pen, I curled up in her lap as she sat on the floor with me. She left for a little while, but I knew I had her.  She came back, and out we trotted to her car.  I've never been so happy as I was when I got into that car, and she took me to the store to buy me food and bowls and most importantly, treats and toys.

 Boy, do I have lots of those!  Sometimes, I'll take all of them out of my toy basket and leave them spread out around the house. Tom acts like he doesn't like it, but he does. As usual, Natalie thinks it's adorable and takes tons of pictures.

And, despite the fact that the toy bin is overflowing, my mom usually comes home with more toys.  This one is one of my favorites, though he now has a bald spot because I love him so much I just had to rip the fur off of him.  Natalie and Tom say I make a noise when I yawn that sounds just like whatever this guy is supposed to be.  I'm not sure about that, I just like how he squeaks.

I'm told that all dogs have special talents. I would like, now, to share some of mine with all of you:

My first talent is: begging.  I have seizures, and the medicine I take doesn't allow me to have salty snacks.  Somehow, though, I still manage to get my mom to give me table scraps some of the time.  This is one of my tactics I employ most often.  This contraption seems to produce a plethora of deliciousness on a regular basis nowadays, and although Natalie is always yelling at me when it is open and I try to examine what's going on, I know it is a good contraption.

My second talent is cuddling.  Aside from begging, it's definitely the thing I'm the best at.  Even when my mom first adopted me, and I hadn't had a bath, I still had to jump up on the bed and cuddle with her.  Since then, we have had daily cuddle sessions. I know some dogs don't like to cuddle, but not me! I cuddle like it's my job!

More photographic evidence of my Fantastic Cuddling Abilities

Now, this next talent might be a little lost on some people, but I assure you I will extol it's benefits.  I can use pretty much anything as a pillow.

This is my Christmas moose, Albert.  He was the second toy my mom bought me--sometimes, I will shake him around and bite him until he squeals.  Other times, I will use him as a pillow, as I am doing in the above photograph. 

Okay, I know, using a stuffed moose as a pillow isn't really that difficult, so to better illustrate my point, I present to you the below:

There I am using a table as a pillow.  Now, that takes talent!  And these benefits I mentioned earlier? Well, you're never without a place to rest your head!  That's most certainly a talent, if you ask me.

I'd say Curiosity is definitely one of my best talents-- I like to investigate a lot, especially if something has a curious smell.

My mom likes to submerge herself in this giant vat of water from which I always try to pilfer a drink, and she likes to drop these curious smelling things inside with her.  I enjoy the smell, but I never get my drink when she does this.

Sometimes, the things I do might be characterized as odd, or weird-- I'd like to show you a few of those things, now:

This was me after I went to the Bad Place.
This machine spits out heat.  I love it.
This is grass.  It is delicious.  Don't knock it until you've tried it.
You know you sleep like this, too.
Anyway, since my adoption day, I've been pretty attached to my mom, even though she takes me to the Bad Place all the time.  She always comes back for me-- sometimes, I cry when she leaves. It is definitely not a Fun Time, so I do what I can to make sure I can keep her in the apartment:

If she cannot put these weird things on her paws, she cannot put the other weird things on her paws, and she will therefore stay with me.

This doesn't ever seem to work, however, because she always manages to make me stop doing this.  So, if she is in the house, it is imperative that I know where she is at all times:

This is where the giant vat of water resides. She never closes the door all the way, so as long as I'm persistent, I can nudge my way inside. 

Sometimes, I almost jump in the vat with her.

I am very curious and always like to know what everyone is doing. Sometimes Tom does these things where he lays down and sits up over and over and over again. Looks boring, but whatever... I still like to check it out:

While my mom sometimes leaves me behind with words I don't really understand "Trust me, buddy, it hurts me way more than it hurts you..." (These words are usually said Monday-Friday), sometimes she does include me in her plans!

Sometimes, it is good!:

Even though I had a seizure the night before, we had fun on this day in this large vat of funny smelling water that I did not drink.

Sometimes, it is bad:

This day is called Halloween, and it is obviously not my favorite.  I sat in this spot the entire time she made me wear this thing. She took a lot of pictures, and kept trying to make me move from my Safe Spot.  I would not.

This was also on a Halloween, which my mom says is her favorite holiday, but it is not my favorite holiday because she does this to me. 

I think she got the picture, though, because this year she dressed up as some dog that looked kind of like me:

I don't like wearing things that are not related to my fur:

This was the time water came from the sky. I did not like it. And I did not like this thing.

Even though she makes me wear these weird things, and leaves me sometimes, I always know she is coming back.  And even though she worries and takes me to the Bad Place, she is a pretty good human.  I can tell she loves me a lot because any time there is something wrong with me, she jumps on her hand device and looks all worried, and I'm just like this:

You're so dramatic, Mom!

Anyway, thanks for visiting this little corner of the blog, and for taking the time to read about me! If you have any pets, you should definitely post pictures of them in the comments section, I'd love to "meet" them for a quick 'shake'!



  1. Cash you are a very lucky Dog and I take it the bad place must be your doctor. I adopted a beautiful cat named Jimmy, he's a Maine coon and was abandoned by my new moms neighbor, he just adopted me and then left me when he moved, so now Im in a good home and I snuggle also. Sorry to hear you have seizure's that can't be fun. We will pray for you.

    1. Glenda, thank you for stopping by to visit my page. I am sorry to hear about Jimmy's owner, he doesn't sound very nice--and sounds like my old owners. They were not nice to me at all. Jimmy is lucky to have you! Yes, the Bad Place is the doctor--sometimes I cuddle her, and sometimes I growl at her, depending on my mood. Hopefully Jimmy doesn't have to go to the Bad Place as much as I do!

  2. Hi Cash:

    My name is Jennifer and I adopted a dog from Love and Leashes too in August 2012. My doggie was returned twice by two different owners! He was very sick and I spent lots of time and money making him well. Just like your mommy I went to the mall to shop and I came home with the love of my life! I just adore him, he has changed my entire world! Anyway, my doggie, Sigmund Freud would love for Cash to check out his Facebook page. He posts all the time!

    1. Sigmund Freud is so lucky to have you! I love his facebook page. I keep thinking I should make one, but this is all I have for now!